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Montaggio expo Milano
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Epdm Ground

It says "rubber casting" but for no insiders is that rubber granules combined with a special resin is then placed in work on concrete supports, stabilized quarry, soil, other. The rubber floors casting arise from the need to improve the safety in the game and by the certainty of their performance and durability.
Obviously, the rubber casting led the surfaces which were previously paved rubber plates, to be more homogeneous and especially customized depending on the needs of the buyer.
Our company is specialized in the production of rubber flooring casting for small and large sizes.
We can in fact accomplish rubber flooring for playgrounds, tennis courts, soccer fields, running tracks, bowling, play sports areas, pedestrian walkways, edging pools, shooting ranges, special projects, etc ... In addition we offer the service of maintenance and restructuring areas and facilities for rough bringing the situation to the level of security as the regulations require.
We have worked with major companies and realized the spoon at the UN Pavilion at the largest and most spectacular EXPO 2015 in Milan .

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